About the club

Club FAQ

How do I play the games?

We have a cover charge that varies depending on the type of games you want to play. Board games are $6 for unlimited board game play for the duration of your stay. PS4, Xbox, and Switch games are $6 per hour, and Virtual Reality is $10 for every 30 minutes.

What if I don't know much about games?

No problem! All of our games are organized into simple categories and labeled according to difficulty. We have a staff of Club Pros who can help guide you to a game that’s perfect for you and provide assistance to give you the best possible play experience!

Are there any rules I should know about?

We do have some basic rules to help keep the Club a fun and accessible place for all of our guests. First, we ask that everyone keeps their language and attitude courteous and respectful toward fellow players. We also require that any guests age 13 or under be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can I bring outside food, drink, and/or alcohol?

No outside food or drink of any kind is allowed inside the Club, unless special arrangements have been made for a party or event. 

Can I bring my own games?

Absolutely! Guests are welcome to bring in games from home to share with a group of friends.

What if I'm not playing any games?

Guests are welcome to stop in and patronize our cafe without playing any games or paying any cover charges. We have comfortable seating and free wifi! The only exception, in rare circumstances, would be during peak business periods when we need all of our available space for customers who are paying to play games.

Does Games Club host parties and events?

We can host personal parties, group events, team-building sessions, and much more – contact us for rates, scheduling, and additional information! Check our Event Hosting page for more information!

Can I make reservations?

We are not currently accepting advance reservations, aside from parties scheduled in advance.

The Games Club Story

Games Club was created by a team of current and former educators who have a passion for games and bringing people together. We’ve always believed in the uplifting power of positive, in-person social interactions, and we wanted to create a place that fostered that kind of human connection between guests of all ages and interests. We opened our doors in December of 2019, and the response from the community has been everything we hoped, and more! If you haven’t visited the Club yet, drop by to browse our Club Collection of hundreds of board games, tabletop specialty games, virtual reality, and video games. 








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