Smash BROS CHampionship

Season 1

What is the smash league championship?

The Smash Bros Championship is a seasonal competition offering three-person teams the chance to compete in weekly Crew Battles in Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, culminating in a final championship round to determine the League Champion. The competition is open to high school students and rising freshman (currently in 8th grade) from the Harford County area and neighboring counties/regions.

How is the league organized?

 1. A weekly league match schedule will be established once the number of participating teams has been finalized.

2. Once the number of matches is finalized, Games Club will publish a schedule of weekly matchups between participating teams.

3. Matches will be scheduled and played at Games Club at times mutually agreed upon by the participating teams and Games Club staff via discussion on the Games Club Discord or in person at Games Club.

4. Each weekly match will consist of 2-3 matches between teams. Teams will earn 1 point for each match victory in the weekly matches. The team that wins 2 of the 3 possible matches will be declared the winner for the week. Points will count towards the end-of-season championships brackets. 

how do we enter?

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form a team

Form a team of 3-5 members. Only 3 players will participate in any given match. Players may only play for a single team each season.
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Register your team

Registration is $35 per person and can be completed at Games Club or online. All teams must be registered by Friday March 7th.
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Compete in weekly matches with other league teams, culminating in a championship match at the end of the season!

league registration

 Fill in the player name and team name, then click the Add to Cart button below to complete your payment and registration. If you prefer to register in person, come to Games Club and sign up with a Club Pro. 

Entry is open to any high school student or 8th grader in Harford County or the surrounding region who is joining the league in a team of 3-5 eligible players.

Ready to join? Have more questions?

If you have a team ready to join or have more questions about the league, contact us via the form below or join our Games Club Discord and ask a moderator!

League Contact Form

    What are the match rules?

    1. Each team will begin with a collective 12 stocks. If teams have more than 3 members, they will select 3 to participate in the week’s match. Each of the 3 players on the teams will be assigned 4 stocks for their battles. The match will end when one team runs out of stocks. 

    2. Teams choose an order of battle for their players at the start of the match. The first players from each team will face off, playing until one competitor runs out of stocks. 

    3. The winner’s remaining stocks will carry over from the previous battle to the next battle with the second player on the opposing team. Stocks lost by the winning player in a previous match are subtracted from the player’s next match stocks by self-destructing at the beginning of the match.

    4. Each player selects a character at the start of his/her first match and cannot change characters between matches.


    • Game settings: 3 stock, 7 minutes, Final Smash Meter: Off, Spirits: Off, Damage Handicap: Off, Stage Selection: Anyone, Items: Off and None, First to: 1 Win, Stage Morph: Off, Stage Hazards: Off, Team Attack: On, Launch Rate: 1.0x, Underdog Boost: Off, Pausing: Off (If used, results as a loss of a stock), Score Display: Off, % Show Damage, Yes, Custom Balance: Off, Echo Fighters: Separate, Radar: Big, ⅔ Games
    • Allowed Controllers: Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Pro Controller, Nintendo Joy-Con, SmashBox
    • Amiibo’s are banned
    • Starter stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Town And City
    • Counter-pick stages: Kalos Pokemon League, Lylat Cruise, Yoshi’s Island (Brawl), Yoshi’s Story
    • You may NOT pick any stage you have previously won on during the set UNLESS mutually agreed upon
    • If the game ends with a self-destruct move, results screen will determine the winner
    • Sudden Death will result in a 1 stock/2 minute play off match

    Stage and Striking Info:

    To determine who strikes first the starting players will open with Rock-Paper-Scissors (best of 1). The winning player will strike one stage from the list of neutrals, the opposing player will strike two stages, and the winning player will select the stage from the remaining two. This is a 1-2-1 format

    Incoming players are eligible to select any of the playable stages. Their opponent does not ban a stage

    Neutral Stages:

    • Final Destination
    • Battlefield
    • Smashville
    • Pokemon Stadium 2
    • Kalos Pokemon League

    Counterpick stages (May not be chosen for the 1st match of a crew battle)

    • Town and City

    League FAQ

    When does the season start?
    We plan to start the first team matches the week of March 9th.
    Who can participate?
    Teams are open to anyone currently in high school who is part of a team of at least three eligible members and lives in Harford County or the surrounding region. Rising freshman (currently in 8th grade) will also be allowed to participate in season 1.
    Can I register online?

    Online registration is available on this page! If you prefer to register in person, see a Club Pro in the Club to sign up.

    Why can teams have up to 5 players?
    The optional additional players are for subs when other members may need to miss a match. Teams can select any 3 of their members to participate in a given week’s match, but players can only play for one team in any given season.
    When does the season end?
    Season length and dates will be finalized once all teams are registered. We estimate this first season will last for approximately 4-5 weeks.
    How much is registration?
    League registration fees are $35 per person. This covers all league-related game time at Games Club for the entirety of the season.
    Do 1v1 tournaments affect the league?
    No, the 1v1 Games Club tournaments are totally separate from the league and the performance in one will have no effect on the other.

    Come on In!


    3 PM - 8 PM








    3473 Merchants Blvd, Ste G
    Abingdon, MD, 21009